Is there a self hosted alternative to Strava/Runtastic?
Background: There is a company, trying to encourage its employees to do more sports. For that, there will be an optional monthly competition to win something if you reach your movement minimum (walk/run/bike). The employees aren't very tech affine, so it has to be simple on the employee side.
Please share :)

Thank you all for all your answers so far. So that's my plan so far:
I will host an runaliyze instance. Every employee may use it, but is free to use any other service, as long as it offers a public api. I will create a service which consolidates the data from all sources of the participants to show the statistics of the group competitions.
@homer77 @SimonWpt @JayVii_de

@SimonWpt Da springt leider das selfhosted raus. Die Positions/Bewegunsdaten von ~100 Mitarbeitern würde ich nur ungern einem externen Unternehmen anvertrauen.

@ndurchx Es gab bis März 2018 die Möglichkeit der Eigeninstallation: Die wird nicht mehr weiterentwicklet. Aber vielleicht reicht die Version ja trotzdem für euch aus.

I discovered today the AndroidApp Gliderun. The developer offers a java based server for syncing at

I have a small server at home with an own domain and it seems to work well. But the server does nothing more than to backup the data.

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